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Bring us lights with you, daddy!

My son and daughter writing their homework at the light of the candle!!!

My son and daughter writing their homework at the light of the candle!!!

Motasem A Dalloul

London, February 19, 2012

At last, I could conduct a video call with my wife and children in Gaza after a halt lasted more than ten days.

All means of contact, except, sometimes, mobiles are off because of the loss of electricity resulted of the shortage of fuel that is resulted of the strict siege on the Gaza Strip, where I come from.

The first word my little daughter told me was: “Bring us lights with you, daddy!”

Of course, she misses the lights at home and writes her homework using candles which her mam faces many difficulties to afford them.

My little daughter misses watching TV and playing games at her PC. She weeps for her mam everyday because she is obliged to wear her school uniform not ironed. She weeps and weeps because she cannot even dream, but see nightmares while she is asleep.

Her mam told me that she and her brothers and sisters gather around a small stool, in the hall, writing their homework at the light of a candle which she suffers too much to afford it.

She complained to me that they always keep crying as they cannot play games or watch TV after doing their homework. They have to sleep early, but they are obliged to wake up at midnight because of the long time of sleep.

When they asked their mam that they wanted to call me, she told them that they need electricity for the PC and the internet router. So that, they brought their savings and bought an electrical extension to have their PC and router run on electricity of their neighbour’s generator.

So that, at the end they could call me. But after some minutes, they were obliged to end the call because their neighbours told them that they wanted to stop the generator because the fuel was going to finish and they did not have more.

And now, I do not know when the next chance to speak with them is going to be! May be after the world wake up and put an end to the Israeli aggression! I do not know!!!!!!!!!!!

May be I am a terrorist??!

The remains of my cheese factory in Gaza after the Israeli F16 bombardment 2010

The remains of my cheese factory in Gaza after the Israeli F16 bombardment 2010

Motasem A Dalloul, London, February 17, 2012

The third anniversary of the Israeli bombing of my own diary is approaching, so that, I am rethinking of myself more and more. May be I am another person and I do not know this fact!

It seems that it is my fault to be born for a couple who live in the Gaza Strip, the border line Palestinian city adjacent to Egypt. I have spent years and years when I was young working hard before and after school and during the breaks of my BA study. I had my own business and at the same time I had my BA certificate. That was more than wonderful for me.

Two sources of income for a young man in his early 20s. I was consent of that and started building my own house and enlarging my business. I had a very nice two story house with an area of 240m square. In the first store was my cheese factory and in the second floor were two apartments; one for me and the other for my precious parents.

The repercussions of my fault

During the aggressive Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, an Israeli F16 bombed my house and my cheese factory with two rockets that left everything a pile of useless rubbles. Thanks for God, none of my family or me was even injured.

I did not spend much time think what to do. I directly decided not to surrender to the Israeli oppression, but to go on and resurrect again from under the rubbles.

I started my business again and continued working in the field of journalism and teaching. But a couple of months later, I have just went to bed to have a restful sleep, but 15 minutes later, a sound of a big explosion aroused me. I found dust everywhere in my makeshift house. I thought that my house which was the target and thanked God that my wife and all of my eight kids were at their grandmother’s house that time.

I went out to see that my new diary has been destroyed again by an Israeli ware plane. Nothing remained. The building, the pasteurizer, the homogeniser, the boiler, the compressor, the van, the cheese, etc… Everything has gone.

Next day, my colleagues, journalists, came to visit me and report about what happened. A foreign journalist was a mong them.

The foreign journalist asked me: “Why do you think that the Israelis bombed you diary?” I answered: “You can ask them.” He said: “They say that you make rockets!” I replied from among about five tons of white cheese spread everywhere: “You have your own camera. You can take shoots for everything and show the whole world what you have seen. If you see rockets, you can shoot them and show the world.”  He shook his head and continued his work.

No more business

At that time, I have nearly left the work in media as I was busy in remaking my business. But, my mother who knew that I have lost all my property and I will not be able to go on asked me to stop working and to travel here or there to have a break.

I have decided to go back to the university seats again. I had an offer for a journalism course in from the University of Westminster in London in 2006/2007 and could not attend. I renewed the application and went on in this way.

I am not sure whether I am going back to do business or not, but may be. This is not what I wanted from all of this account, but I want to say that the world must look at the Israeli aggression and put an end to it, not to look at the countries that utilise the modern technology to afford luxurious life for their people. I mean Iran and the nuclear power.

However, I absolutely and completely oppose what is Iran doing, but at the same time, I ask the world to dismantle the Israelis from their WMD which is not a responsible entity. And it was tested during the disproportionate war against Gaza. It used white phosphorous against civilians.

New house-demolition’s notices handed

Israeli eviction notices

Israeli eviction notices

London, December 30, 2011

Israeli occupation forces handed notices of confiscation of 160 dunums and demolition of 13 homes to owners in the village of Mneizel to the south-east of Yatta in the southern West Bank Al-Khalil district.

Rateb al-Jubour, coordinator of the popular committee against the wall and settlement, said in press statements on Thursday that the

Families are evicted forcefully by the Israeli forces

Families are evicted forcefully by the Israeli forces

notices of land confiscation affected residents of the village of Mneizel and the village of Samu‘ with the aim of expanding Karmael settlement.

He also said that 13 demolition notices were handed out to residents of the village of Mneizel and the entrances to the village were closed.

Jubour also said that the village of the Karmael settlement was built next the Palestinian village of Muneizel which has a population of 400 Palestinians who are living in constant fear because of the harassment at the hands of settlers.

Israeli occupation turns mosque to museum

The Old Grand Mosque was shut forcefully and vandalized, and muslims prevented of performing prayers in it

The Old Grand Mosque was shut forcefully and vandalized, and muslims prevented of performing prayers in it

London, December 28, 2011

The Government of the Israeli occupation has turned the Old Grand Mosque in the Negev city of Beersheba, south of the 1948 occupied lands, into a Jewish museum, Al Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said.

In a report on Tuesday, the foundation affirmed that this Israeli measure is illegal and violates the sanctity of the Mosque which is a holy Islamic worship place and cannot be used for other purposes.

According to the report, a delegation from the Al Aqsa foundation made a field visit to check on the Mosque and report about what the Israeli occupation had done against this house of worship.

Farhoud Assayed, a representative of the foundation in the Negev region, said it what he saw inside the Grand Mosque of Beersheba which became a gallery was shocking as it is full of outrageous photos and sculptures hurting the feelings of Muslims.

Israseli Settlers sitting in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque after being turned into musem

Israseli Settlers sitting in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque after being turned into museum

“By God, the eyes shed tears and the heart breaks as you see how they hung pictures in the Grand Mosque showing Zionist gangs occupy the Beersheba city including this Mosque, and other photos referring to the Zionist presence in the city,” Mr Assayed sadly said.

“You tremble with rage when you see the statues including those of Zionist or English soldiers in the corners of the Mosque,” deputy head Sami Abu Mukh explained.

“You also may not imagine how ugly the sight was and how they placed big TV screens in the centre of the Mosque displaying frequently indecent scenes of people  drinking wine or dance naked or scenes of texts from the Tanakh or the Torah,” Abu Mukha added.

The Grand Mosque of Beersheba was built in 1906 by the Ottomans in cooperation with the people of the Negev at the time.

A civilian killed, several wounded in an Israeli air-strike

An Israeli airstrike against the Gaza Strip resulted in the death of a civilian and several wounded

An Israeli airstrike against the Gaza Strip resulted in the death of a civilian and several wounded


London, December 27, 2011

A 22-year-old civilian has been killed and 10 others wounded; tow of them suffered serious injuries, by two separate Israeli air-strikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening, medical resources said.

The civilian killed in the strike known as Abdullah al Telbani. He was attacked while driving a motor tricycle towards the north of the Strip.

The two seriously wounded were seating with him. All of them were taken to hospital by paramedics.

Witnesses said that an unmanned Israeli plane attacked the motor tricycle and that was confirmed by a statement of  the spokesman of the Israeli occupation forces.

The indicated that the strike was carried out jointly by two Israeli security apparatuses and that the target had been a squad involved in recent terror activity.

Palestinian officials and activists confirmed that the Strip lives a state of quietness for months and there were no Gaza home-made rocket launches.

The other 7 civilians were wounded by an earlier Israeli F 16 strike which the Israelis said that militants were their target.

Meanwhile, paramedics and other witnesses said that the target apparently was a civilian car and all the wounded were civilians. “That refutes comletely the Israeli claims of targeting militants,” a paramedic said.

Israeli settlers break into Al Aqsa Mosque

Israeli police in the Al Aqsa Mosque courtyards to protect settlers

Israeli police in the Al Aqsa Mosque courtyards to protect settlers

London, December 26, 2011

Groups of Israeli Jewish settlers desecrated the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque and walked in its courtyards on Monday morning, witnesses said.

The Settlers who were guarded by Israeli policemen passed through Al Maghariba Gate and entered irrespectively to the main courtyards of the Holy Mosque. That was a provocative measure for Muslims’ religious sympathy.

Senior Jewish rabbis urged, last week, their supporters to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque on the day of Hanukkah which is known as the festival of lights to perform Talmudic rituals and dance for several days.

Hundreds of Jewish settlers last night marched provocatively across the streets of the old city of Jerusalem chanting racist offences against Palestinians, performing dances and beating drums in order to disturb residents.

They uttered offensive insults against the Palestinians; calling for killing them or expelling them from the Holy City of Jerusalem.

front_of_Al-Aqsa mosque

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Jerusalem Al Aqsa Moschee um 1900

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