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Western-Style and US democracy!!

British soldiers with Lewis Machine guns posted at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Palestine circa 1920

British soldiers with Lewis Machine guns posted at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Palestine circa 1920

Motasem A Dalloul

London, August 4, 2012

Some Western countries, on top of them, the US are always asking why Arabs and Muslims hate them? I suggest that they know the answer, but ignore the real facts!

No one except stupid and crazy people who do not know that the Western-style democracy brokered by the US and its allies which is being spread in the Middles East and the Islamic countries have brought destruction, death and collaborator governments.

In Iraq, more than one million killed and millions of orphans so far; besides, wide-scale destruction and instability. Thousands of Afghanis were killed since 2001, daily drone killings in Pakistan. The most important issue for Arabs and Muslims is Palestine which is a part of Muslims’ faith.

The so-called Israel is completely supported by the West and the US while it continues attacking Palestinians, stealing their lands for settlements, Judaizing and defiling their holy places, killing their kids, destroying their homes, detain their sons and no one from the West or the US dare to criticize it. But when the Palestinians kidnapped a soldier from his tank, the West and the US became the most defenders on him and they blacklisted Palestinians continued describing them as terrorists.

When the Palestinians elected their Parliament in 2006 in the most transparent elections in the world, as described by many international monitors including for US president Jimmy Carter, the West and the US refused to recognize it and supported a punitive Israeli siege against Palestinians in the Palestinian territories.

The West and US worked for dividing the Sudan, biggest Arab country, and they are still supporting the defectors to launch attacks against the mother country.

With pre-meditation, genocides are being committed against Muslims as thousands have been killed and tens of hundreds of thousands have been pushed out from their homeland, but no one from the West or the US take any tangible measure. Even media blackout is being imposed.

May be because these countries, especially, the US are busy in their economic problems and dealing with the outcomes of their deficits.

OK, supposedly, these claims are right, who from the Muslims or Arabs has asked the West and the US to bring their devastating democracy to their countries? Who asked Mrs Clinton to go to Egypt and give a speech about human rights and religious conflicts which erected a real conflict of that kind? Who asked them to go to Iraq and get rid of the WOMD which have not been found yet? Who and who and who???!!!

Who knows answers for these questions, please post them here!!!

Sometimes the Bollywood reflects the fact!


Is the security dossier really away from Hamas-Fateh dialogue?

Abbas and Meshal

Abbas and Meshal

London, May 15, 2012

It was clear in all previous rounds of talks between the two Palestinian rivals Hamas and Fateh that the security dossier is the main deadlock in the way of their reconciliation. This dossier always consumes the time of their talks and, at the end, it is not resolved. Such a dossier is not difficult to be figured out, but the problem is that each of both rivals has its own view about it which it too far from the other’s.

For Fateh, it sees that it is obligated by Oslo Accord signed with the Israelis in 1993, which dictates that Palestinian Authority must cooperate and coordinate with the Israelis in security issues and both Palestinian and Israeli sides exchange, discuss and agree on the names of security officers and commanders of the Palestinian security apparatuses. There must be joint security patrols. This is called by Dr Ibraheem Habeeb, a Palestinian political researcher, a problematic issue in the role of security apparatuses.

In the opposite side, Hamas sees that the role of security apparatuses is to protect Palestinians’ security and confront Israeli threats against them. There mustn’t be a room for cooperation and coordination between Palestinians and Israelis in this sensitive dossier. It insists that this endangers the life of Palestinians and adds more complications to their lives. Therefore, at the time each side is stick to its view, it appears that there is no compromise regarding this dossier in the horizon.

Of course, each side has its own and logical reasons for sticking to its position. For Fateh and the PA, it would encounter a number of punitive Israeli measures if it carried out any compromise on security issues agreed upon with the Israelis. It will face a ban of movement of senior officials, freeze of tax revenues on Palestinian imports collected by the Israeli customs, attacks against posts of security apparatuses and an international pressure to disown the reconciliation. Fateh cannot resist all these measures and this is clear in its history. The last example was its disownment of the results of the PLC elections in 2006 and the security chaos it created on the ground.

For Hamas, it cannot compromise any of its positions towards the security dossier because it believes that it is the legal representative for Palestinians and it got this legitimacy through resistance. This position was reinforced through the PLC elections. Hamas also believes that when Palestinians elected it, it means that they elected the programme of resistance. Therefore, it highly believes that any compromise about its position towards the programme of resistance will endanger its popularity.

In addition, Hamas which has not let down its weapons against the Israelis suffers from continuous detention of its affiliates by the Fateh security apparatuses which are loyal to the details of the Oslo Agreement. Hamas leaders repeatedly said that there is no reconciliation without the freedom of all its prisoners in the PA jails. However, news about positive developments in the reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fateh, but early this week, Sami abu-Zuhri, Hamas spokesman, declared explicitly that there is no reconciliation without the freedom of all Hamas members in the PA jails.

The problem does not lie in the detention of prisoners in Palestinian jails, but in the details behind that, which will prove for the Israeli side that Fateh is really committed to a Palestinian reconciliation on the basis of halting cooperation and coordination in security issues.

So that, the shade of the security dossier will stay the main reason which undermines intra-Palestinian reconciliation until Fateh gets rid of its security obligations towards the Israelis or Hamas laydowns its weapons. Both assumptions are impossible. This means that Palestinian reconciliation is also impossible.

Even dead Palestinians are not exempted of the Israelis humilation

The Palestinian funeral which was targeted by the Israelis with sewage water, Amer Abdeen.

The Palestinian funeral which was targeted by the Israelis with sewage water, Amer Abdeen.

Al Khalil, Friday February 24, 2012

The Israeli occupation forces targeted a Palestinian funeral with sewage water today at noon during its way to cemetery.

I am wondering what is the reason for that? Even the dead can not survive the Israeli humilation.

I hope that the world community wake up to see what the Israelis are doing against the Palestinians and do something to stop it.

I call for all the media all over the world to look at that spot and reflect to the world what is going on there. I am asking all mass media which have reporters and correspondents in Palestine to prove their objectivity.

Israeli occupation turns mosque to museum

The Old Grand Mosque was shut forcefully and vandalized, and muslims prevented of performing prayers in it

The Old Grand Mosque was shut forcefully and vandalized, and muslims prevented of performing prayers in it

London, December 28, 2011

The Government of the Israeli occupation has turned the Old Grand Mosque in the Negev city of Beersheba, south of the 1948 occupied lands, into a Jewish museum, Al Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said.

In a report on Tuesday, the foundation affirmed that this Israeli measure is illegal and violates the sanctity of the Mosque which is a holy Islamic worship place and cannot be used for other purposes.

According to the report, a delegation from the Al Aqsa foundation made a field visit to check on the Mosque and report about what the Israeli occupation had done against this house of worship.

Farhoud Assayed, a representative of the foundation in the Negev region, said it what he saw inside the Grand Mosque of Beersheba which became a gallery was shocking as it is full of outrageous photos and sculptures hurting the feelings of Muslims.

Israseli Settlers sitting in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque after being turned into musem

Israseli Settlers sitting in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque after being turned into museum

“By God, the eyes shed tears and the heart breaks as you see how they hung pictures in the Grand Mosque showing Zionist gangs occupy the Beersheba city including this Mosque, and other photos referring to the Zionist presence in the city,” Mr Assayed sadly said.

“You tremble with rage when you see the statues including those of Zionist or English soldiers in the corners of the Mosque,” deputy head Sami Abu Mukh explained.

“You also may not imagine how ugly the sight was and how they placed big TV screens in the centre of the Mosque displaying frequently indecent scenes of people  drinking wine or dance naked or scenes of texts from the Tanakh or the Torah,” Abu Mukha added.

The Grand Mosque of Beersheba was built in 1906 by the Ottomans in cooperation with the people of the Negev at the time.

A civilian killed, several wounded in an Israeli air-strike

An Israeli airstrike against the Gaza Strip resulted in the death of a civilian and several wounded

An Israeli airstrike against the Gaza Strip resulted in the death of a civilian and several wounded


London, December 27, 2011

A 22-year-old civilian has been killed and 10 others wounded; tow of them suffered serious injuries, by two separate Israeli air-strikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening, medical resources said.

The civilian killed in the strike known as Abdullah al Telbani. He was attacked while driving a motor tricycle towards the north of the Strip.

The two seriously wounded were seating with him. All of them were taken to hospital by paramedics.

Witnesses said that an unmanned Israeli plane attacked the motor tricycle and that was confirmed by a statement of  the spokesman of the Israeli occupation forces.

The indicated that the strike was carried out jointly by two Israeli security apparatuses and that the target had been a squad involved in recent terror activity.

Palestinian officials and activists confirmed that the Strip lives a state of quietness for months and there were no Gaza home-made rocket launches.

The other 7 civilians were wounded by an earlier Israeli F 16 strike which the Israelis said that militants were their target.

Meanwhile, paramedics and other witnesses said that the target apparently was a civilian car and all the wounded were civilians. “That refutes comletely the Israeli claims of targeting militants,” a paramedic said.