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Is cheese a blacklisted product??! Let me know, please!

This is the proof of the crime? White cheese!

This is the proof of the crime? White cheese!

June 4, 2012, London
I don’t think that what is called the Israeli Army has the ethics of humanity at all. How? It’s clear through the target which its warplanes always drop tons of explosives that carry death and destruction for people, animals, buildings, infrastructure, nature and every sign of life.

I don’t know what’s the terrorist role does a cheese facto have? They bombarded it the first time, the second time and the third time and we don’t know what’s the reason behind that.

After the third time, a Maltese journalist asked me about the reason which makes the Israelis do that, and I answered: you can ask them because they themselves who carry out the dirty mission. He told me that they say that this is a weapon factory, not a cheese factory!!!
I told him then, that you have your own camera and you are a journalist! I beg you to take footages of what you see here and show it exactly to the world and tell them what exactly you have seen, too.

There, in the scene, was more than 5 tons of white cheese spread everywhere among the rubbles of the factory.

When that Maltese journalist told me what the Israelis think of our factory, we thought well with that. We expected that collaborators transmit false information because the doors of the factory are always closed and they expect that we mislead them.

Therefore, we rebuilt the factory and a different place and we had glass doors that everything still clear through them and at night we keep the lights on in order to be clear that there is nothing wrong done. So that, I don’t know now what’s the reason behind targeting it.

There is still only one reason. That Maltese journalist wrote a story about the factory after what he has seen with the title: “Don’t say cheese in Gaza.” Really, I am admired with the title and asked myself: may cheese is something sensitive the Israelis?

From that time until today, I am still waiting for someone to tell me the fact about that. Whether cheese is a blacklisted staff or not? If so, I hope that someone asks the Israelis to send a notice to my house saying that, and I promise, we will not, even think, of rebuilding the cheese factory in order not to harm the feelings of the Israeli brothers!!!

Israeli air strike increases death toll in Gaza into 21

A wounded Palestinian boy is carried into Al-Shifa hospital following Israeli air strikes in Gaza

Fresh Israeli air strike against Gaza civilians increased the number of deaths to 21 and the wounded to more that 70 since Friday.

Two civilians were Killed and 41 injured including 9 children and 8 women in a relentless air strikes carried out by Israeli drones that targeted many sites including 2 houses in the Gaza Strip Monday morning at dawn.

Does the world enjoy seeing Palestinians killed by the Israelis??!

Bereaved Gaza children

Bereaved Gaza children

The number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation air strikes against the Gaza Strip reached 17 Friday morning and the wounded exceeded 30. Israeli PM, Benjamin Natanyahou, says that air strikes will continue.
Is that right? Is that justice? Is killing innocents, who has been living under a strict siege imposed on them by the Israeli occupation since 2006, is something nonsense?
I do not know why no one take action??!

Tell me what terrorism is, please! I am confused!

War crimes against the Gaza Strip

Motasem A Dalloul, London

March 7, 2012

All eyes are looking at Syria nowadays as there are daily massacres in which tens of people are being killed and injured. Tens of houses are being destroyed, journalists are being hanged women are being raped, etc…

Today, the BBC reported that a UN eyewitness has seen war crimes are taking at the hands of the Sudanese army against Nubians. I am not sure to what extent was the credibility of that eye witness!

Anyway, I am still disagreeing with all kinds of war crimes and genocides wherever they are committed and on anyone’s hands.

So that, I am asking those who call for the end of war crimes and genocides and call for the punishment of criminals: do you see what is going on in the Gaza Strip? I am not sure!

But, what I am sure about is that you, those who call for the end of war crimes and genocides, have given the green light to the Israeli occupation to do that covered with your biased media and false democracy.

Barak Obama described the American-Israeli relationship three days ago at AIPAC annual conference as “unbreakable bonds” and he said also that they “share the same interests.”

OK, unbreakable bonds on what basis? On the basis of the daily Israeli crimes against Palestinians! On the basis of the strict Israeli siege against the Gaza strip which has been on since 2006! I do not want to mention numbers of the illegally imprisoned Palestinians, or death tolls which exceeded 20 hundreds in the last 5 years.

The same thing, on what basis do you, Mr Obama share the Israelis the same interests?! On the basis of depriving the Gazans of electricity and medicines?! Tell me on what basis, please!

A lot of Americans are friends of Palestinians and I myself have many American friends of different social and political ranks. But I do not think that they agree with you!

Mr Obama also said that Palestine is the “historic homeland of the Jewish people.” Is that true, Mr Obama? Tell me, please!

I am a Palestinian and I am one from about 10 million Palestinians spread around the world because of the illegal occupation of the Jews to our land. Did you forget us, Mr Obama? Of course, not! You have cancelled us! You have ignored us and our affliction!

I want someone to tell me: are these things war crimes or not? That’s it!


May be I am a terrorist??!

The remains of my cheese factory in Gaza after the Israeli F16 bombardment 2010

The remains of my cheese factory in Gaza after the Israeli F16 bombardment 2010

Motasem A Dalloul, London, February 17, 2012

The third anniversary of the Israeli bombing of my own diary is approaching, so that, I am rethinking of myself more and more. May be I am another person and I do not know this fact!

It seems that it is my fault to be born for a couple who live in the Gaza Strip, the border line Palestinian city adjacent to Egypt. I have spent years and years when I was young working hard before and after school and during the breaks of my BA study. I had my own business and at the same time I had my BA certificate. That was more than wonderful for me.

Two sources of income for a young man in his early 20s. I was consent of that and started building my own house and enlarging my business. I had a very nice two story house with an area of 240m square. In the first store was my cheese factory and in the second floor were two apartments; one for me and the other for my precious parents.

The repercussions of my fault

During the aggressive Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, an Israeli F16 bombed my house and my cheese factory with two rockets that left everything a pile of useless rubbles. Thanks for God, none of my family or me was even injured.

I did not spend much time think what to do. I directly decided not to surrender to the Israeli oppression, but to go on and resurrect again from under the rubbles.

I started my business again and continued working in the field of journalism and teaching. But a couple of months later, I have just went to bed to have a restful sleep, but 15 minutes later, a sound of a big explosion aroused me. I found dust everywhere in my makeshift house. I thought that my house which was the target and thanked God that my wife and all of my eight kids were at their grandmother’s house that time.

I went out to see that my new diary has been destroyed again by an Israeli ware plane. Nothing remained. The building, the pasteurizer, the homogeniser, the boiler, the compressor, the van, the cheese, etc… Everything has gone.

Next day, my colleagues, journalists, came to visit me and report about what happened. A foreign journalist was a mong them.

The foreign journalist asked me: “Why do you think that the Israelis bombed you diary?” I answered: “You can ask them.” He said: “They say that you make rockets!” I replied from among about five tons of white cheese spread everywhere: “You have your own camera. You can take shoots for everything and show the whole world what you have seen. If you see rockets, you can shoot them and show the world.”  He shook his head and continued his work.

No more business

At that time, I have nearly left the work in media as I was busy in remaking my business. But, my mother who knew that I have lost all my property and I will not be able to go on asked me to stop working and to travel here or there to have a break.

I have decided to go back to the university seats again. I had an offer for a journalism course in from the University of Westminster in London in 2006/2007 and could not attend. I renewed the application and went on in this way.

I am not sure whether I am going back to do business or not, but may be. This is not what I wanted from all of this account, but I want to say that the world must look at the Israeli aggression and put an end to it, not to look at the countries that utilise the modern technology to afford luxurious life for their people. I mean Iran and the nuclear power.

However, I absolutely and completely oppose what is Iran doing, but at the same time, I ask the world to dismantle the Israelis from their WMD which is not a responsible entity. And it was tested during the disproportionate war against Gaza. It used white phosphorous against civilians.

Gaza celebrates the valentine in the dark

My sons use old candles to light in order to study

My sons use old candles to light in order to study

Motasem A Dalloul, London

Feb 14, 2012

Gaza children took to street today night holding candles to mark the valentine day in the dark as the main Gaza electric plant stopped.

Authority of energy announced the halt of the plant generators as a result of the shortage of fuel resulted of the strict Israeli siege against the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza electric plant needs 600,000 litres of industrial fuel a day to operate well and support the 1.7m population.

A senior official in the ministry of health in Gaza said that the shortage of electricity threatens the life of hundreds of patients in hospitals. “Patients are already in pain because of the shortage of medicines and medical equipment,” the health official said.

The Gaza Strip has been living under a strict Israeli siege since 2006 and the electric plant was attacked several times by the Israeli wareplanes.

Last year statistics: 124 martyrs, 600 injured

A little Palestinian child killed by the Israeli shelling against the Gaza Strip

A little Palestinian child killed by the Israeli shelling against the Gaza Strip

London, January 1, 2012

Israeli aggressive forces killed 124 Gaza residents and wounded 600 others during 2011, medical sources said.

Those residents were targeted by different kinds of Israeli destructive warplanes and artillery missiles along that year.

A group of Palestinian children killed when the Israeli war planes attacked their house in Gaza

A group of Palestinian children killed when the Israeli war planes attacked their house in Gaza

“Those number are distributed among the whole months of the year, but the last ones were the most misery,” Dr Ashraf al Qedra, MOH spokesman, told Quds Press news agency.

He said that the last martyr was Momen abu Daff, 21, from Johr al Deek, eastern Gaza, who was killed in the last night of the past year.


In the third anniversary of war, Israelis prepared for new offensive

As the New Year rolls in, and many are speculating on whether or not Israelis and the west will go to war with Iran, Israelis have confirmed that they are preparing for a large-scale offensive in Gaza.

The timing coincides with the third year anniversary of the aggressive Israeli war against, which resulted in the deaths of over 1400 Palestinians.

Israeli news columnist, Gideon Levy, questions the wisdom of the coming offensive in light of Hamas‘ overtures toward peace with Israelis.

Also, how will the recent ‘Arab Spring’ influence the reaction of Israelis’ neighbours like Egypt, which now has a new and unpredictable leadership?

Slaughter of a Gaza family remembered

Hundreds of children were among the war victims during the Israeli aggressive war against the Gaza Strip in 2008/2009

Hundreds of children were among the war victims during the Israeli aggressive war against the Gaza Strip in 2008/2009

London, December 30, 2011

The Israeli massacre of five Palestinian girls of the Balousha family in 2008 was remembered by their parents who said that they are still seeking justice to punish the killers of their beloved daughters.

On December, 29, 2008, the second day of the vicious Israeli war on Gaza, an Israeli F-16 war plane dropped a heavy bomb on a local mosque in Jabalya district, north of the Gaza Strip, leveling it to the ground and destroying home of the Balousha family that was located three meters away from the mosque killing five of his daughters under the rubbles.

Pictures of the five daughters, Tahrir, 18, Ekram, 15, Samar, 13, Dina, 8, and Jawahir, 4, were hanged on the walls of the main room of the house that the family had rebuilt again with the feeling of sorrow and grief still engulfing the family every time they recall what had happened.

“I feel that the house still empty, my five beloved daughters indeed left a big gap in our life, and although I like to always feel that they are present with us, but the fact would remain there and we feel that we lack something precious in our life,” the bereaved father, Anwar Balousha, said.

Although equanimity of Anwar and the expressions of his face try to hide the suffering that his family had passed through as a result of the massacre, yet, his words clearly tell of the deep scar the loss of his five daughters had left on him and on his family.

“My wife was deeply affected by the calamity. Indeed she cried too much as she recalled the war when she saw a team of UNRWA workers yesterday removing the rubbles of one of the destroyed homes beside us,” Balousha pointed out.

He said that he is spending a lot of his time standing before the graves of his daughters telling them details of his daily life. “I miss them too much, and this makes me return back to the house and search for them, even for a moment, before I realize that they are dead,” he added.

Furthermore, Balousha asserted that the massacre of his daughters has affected his eldest daughter and his only son, saying, “My eldest daughter Iman, 20, was brilliant at school before the incident, but now she is always absent minded and her performance at school deteriorated because her sister Dina died between her two arms, and my son Mohammed always searches for new friends to play with.”

Balousha filed a case against the Israeli occupation forces in Israeli courts since the incident without any result so far. He said:” If they (Israelis) give me all the money of this world they will never pay for my daughters. I don’t need the money; I need my five daughters back”.

The incident made Balousha and his wife live in fear over the future of their remaining children every time the Israelis carryout a raid on Gaza Strip.

Homeless since the war

My pickup, two story house and cheese diary after being attacked by the Israeli F16s

My pickup, two story house and cheese diary after being attacked by the Israeli F16s

London, December 30, 2011

In the third anniversary of the Israeli aggressive war against the Gaza Strip, my two story house and cheese factory are still rubbles on the ground.

Both properties were destroyed by the Israeli F16 warplanes in December 30, 2008 during the aggressive war against the Gaza Strip.

I and more than 60 members of my extended family used to live in two adjacent buildings and on that date, the Israelis called us and gave us only ten minutes to leave them in order to destroy them.

We directly took to streets, me, my old parents, brothers and their wives and kids, my small angels, without taking any necessary thing from the houses.

We also informed our neighbours to leave their houses as the F16 attacks destroy a big area, not only the target house. The same they did, all of them rushed to streets with their children without taking any small thing with their hands.

Ten minutes left and nothing happened. We were hesitant to return back or stay away, but the last decision was to stay away. It was the right decision as three minutes later, we saw the F16s flying on the air and two rockets hit one of the houses and the cheese factory.

A huge cloud of fire and ash spread around a large area above the houses. Just minutes later, the fire and the ash have evaded and a hill of rubbles emerged at the place of my house.

The van used for distributing cheese after the attack

The van used for distributing cheese after the attack

The second building and the houses of the neighbours were partially destroyed. Wall had big holes and doors, windows, furniture were all destroyed. They became inappropriate for life.

How did we spent time

Some of us stayed with relatives and neighbours, mainly women and children, and some stayed wandering in the streets.

There were no communications at that time, and so we were apart from each other and we did not know anything about each other.

I myself associated my older brother and spent time walking in the streets, going to Al Shefa Hospital see wounded and martyrs, to cemeteries, to news agencies to report something as I used to report to Al Jazeera English Satellite Channel and The Radio of South Africa. I spoke also with the BBC.

We did not have money, so that, we spent that time either hungry or even hungry. But it was a difficult time as sounds of explosions and scenes of destruction were everywhere and every single minute.

What made it so horrible for me is that I heard that the house of my relatives, with whom my kids were staying, was attacked. But things went well when I knew that it was attacked by an artillery shell, not F16.

One of the neighbours looking at the cheese in site of the attack

One of the neighbours looking at the cheese in site of the attack

At that time, people considered artillery shells as a kind of mercy if compared with the F16 destructive rockets.

After the war, all of us joined together and, thanks to Allah, we found that no one was killed or injured. We really were lucky despite the destruction of our houses and the livelihood factory.

Some families lost one, two, three, … 20, 40, and more. Some families were completely eradicated such as Al Daya and Al Sammouni families in the nearby neighbourhood.

We stayed in the open air for a while and then were could have some makeshift homes. But, of course, we were lucky because we are, to some extent, considered wealthy if compared with other Gaza residents. We have enough area of land and some vegetable and fruit trees.

We managed to do something for ourselves before receiving helps from others. We did not consider receiving helps because others are needier than us and there have been shortage of aids until today.

But the makeshift houses took us 50 years back through time. My kids always complain, but I and my wife always ask them to be patient as later on we will have a new beautiful house.

But, unfortunately, today is the third anniversary of the demolition of our houses and cheese factory, and we are still waiting for the world to petition for the Israelis to left the siege.

One of my cousins walking at the site of the diary wondering why do the Israelis attack the diary

One of my cousins walking at the site of the diary wondering why do the Israelis attack the diary

I think, the world, I mean the West which rants about democracy and human rights, is biased because when they see that the Gazans launch a useless homemade rocket on the Israelis, they turn the whole world upside down and suspect Palestinians of being terrorists.

But, on the other hand, there is a strict siege imposed on the Gaza Strip for 5 years and people are dying of hunger and sickness, children attend school lessons in caravans, no access to clean drinking water, shortage of medicines, and the world does not just have a look.

In the third anniversary of the aggressive Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, experts say that Gazans need 100,000 housing unit urgently.

So that, let me know now, who is the one who produces terrorist?