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Homeless versus Settlers in Palestine

A Gaza engineer is lamenting the destruction of his house by the Israeli balldozers

A Gaza engineer is lamenting the destruction of his house by the Israeli balldozers

By: Motasem A Dalloul

The Palestinian case has become more ironic at the recent days. Israelis, obviously and deliberately, have been violating the international law regarding the rights of the Palestinians while the International Community turns its back to them.

The originally large number of homeless Palestinians has been increasing rapidly since the end of the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip. That war has resulted in thousands of homeless in Gaza, and the silence of the International Community encouraged the Israelis to intensify their frenzy eviction campaign against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. So that, new hundreds of Palestinians are included to the list of homeless everyday.

Amid this reality of the Israeli oppression against the Palestinians who used to live peacefully in their own land, there has been an intense campaign of building new homes for new exotic settlers.

The Israeli Government either, illegally seizes land or forcefully evicts citizens from their homes, and so it builds new houses for those settlers.

Quartet, which consists of the UN, USA, EU and Russia, is always described as it is highly dedicated to peace and encouraging democracy in the developing countries. The Quartet watched the war crimes committed in Gaza during the Israeli war and it is aware of the effects of the strict siege imposed on the Strip. It also watches what’s going on in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

It knows everything about those homeless and also knows everything about the Israeli oppressive actions. Principals of the Quartet always show their deep feeling of depression over the misery of those sick and homeless. They always promise them that they will do their best to solve their problems. Therefore, they ask them to maintain self control in order to be able to get the permission for them to do something. May be they want to discuss if Palestinians can organize a peaceful march or not?

They ask the homeless to maintain self control and when the Israelis escalate their discrimination and eviction campaigns and when they commit war crimes they ask the homeless also to maintain self control. Also for the same reason.

The Israelis decided to include historical Islamic sites to their heritage, the Quartet didn’t move. The Israelis broke into and desecrated Al Masjed Aqsa and Masjed Haram Al Khalil, the Quartet said it’s worried about that move. The Israelis intensified settlement activities and toughened the siege, the Quartet increased moves in order to find a peaceful solution for that problem.

In addition to all those Israeli violations against the Palestinians, the US also asks the Palestinians to maintain self control and promise to find a peaceful solution for these problems. In order to keep control in its hand, the step that may favour the Palestinians, it says that “the USA is obligated to the safety of Israel”.

Continuous daily killings of the Palestinians are always nonsense. However, an attempt of self defense by a Palestinian is something dangerous and anti-Semitic and strict procedures must be taken in order not to be repeated.

Palestinians are always being pushed out of their lands, their homes are being destroyed, their historical and Islamic sites are being profaned and stolen and their rights are being violated. The same procedures also are being taken. The victim must keep silent and the victimizer must raise his voice and complains against the oppressed victim.

This is the theory of the double standards which the Quartet deals with when something is related to the Palestinians and the Israelis or the Arabs and Muslims and the Western interests.

But this will not continue forever. People will not keep silent forever. They will sometime and somehow rebel against their oppressive governments and stop their oppression. So that, principals wherever they are should prepare themselves to be one day in the dock.

Constructing new settlements in the West Bank

Constructing new settlements in the West Bank

Maniac Israeli settlers defy the Israeli forces and attack Palestinians in the West Bank

Maniac Israeli settlers defy the Israeli forces and attack Palestinians in the West Bank

Israelis settlements under construction in Jerusalem

Israelis settlements under construction in Jerusalem

Palestinians see a day of happiness

London, December 12, 2011
For a long time, the Palestinians have not seen a day of happiness of or delight. They have been living the hardships of life, the suffering of vagrancy and diaspora, depravity of simple rights and being killed or imprisoned by the Israeli intruders.

This is a very hard and touching, not only because it is neglected by the international community, but also because it is legalised by it.

When the British occupation started, it considered itself the owner of the land of Palestine and promised Jews to establish a national state for them in it. During the time of the British occupation, it imprisoned, killed Palestinians and deprived them from education.

When the Jews established their state in 1948 on the corpses of thousands of Palestinians, the USA recognised it just 11 minutes later, and then the UN and other EU countries.

OK, but that was not the whole story which has uncounted number of phases. Every couples of years, the Israelis carry out barbaric massacres against Palestinians. They kill children, youths and elders. The destroy homes and factories and uproot trees.

They imprison thousands men and women, and the world must not forget the mother who has got a baby in the prison hospital while being handcuffed.

Tears of reunion happiness

This is not the whole story, too. The story started only when the poor Palestinians tried to make a kind of balanced reaction and kidnapped an Israeli soldier from his tank. They, from the first minute, said that they want to free the oppressed Palestinian prisoners, but the Israelis refused.

The whole world stood on one feet then and asked the Palestinians to free the Israeli soldier and when the Palestinians refused, the entire world legalised a strict Israeli siege against Palestinians. Hundreds of Palestinian children and patients died and the world is not silent but clapping to the Israelis.

The Israeli carried out a 23 day war against the Gaza Strip aiming to free the Israeli soldier and killed more than 1500 residents, injured more than 5000, destroyed hundreds of factories and mosques and spoiled water and sewage infrastructure. At the end, the whole world blamed Palestinians and asked them also to release the Israeli soldier.

Reunion after long time behind the Israeli  bars

I think that the entire world forgot that there are thousands of Palestinian prisoners behind the Israeli bars. OK, no problem, let the Palestinians themselves only know and think by their own with the way they can free them, and they are going to do as what they have done just yesterday.