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Live blogging in the class

Live blogging

Live blogging

I am currently doing live blogging in front of my students at class.

After several weeks of giving them instructions about blogging, I found that they know nothing about it.

Therefore, I found myself obliged to do blogging online in front of them.

Now, I feel that they got benefited of this practical lesson.

Israeli forces and settlers continue their aggression on Palestinians


Occupied West Bank, Palestine

A group of extremist Israeli settlers attacked on Saturday morning a Palestinian citizens and his wife in the occupied West Bank city of Hebrown.

Witnesses said that both suffered moderate wounds and they were rushed to hospital for medical treatment in the city.

According to the witnesses, such attacks on Palestinians by settlers are repeated almost everyday in the city.

Netanyahu called upon Israeli settlers to occupy more Palestinian lands

Netanyahu called upon Israeli settlers to occupy more Palestinian lands

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged settlers last week to occupy a Palestinian home in the city. “These acts prove our historical rights in the land,” he told them.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces stormed Yabad neighbourhood in the south of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. They broke into Palestinian houses and inspected them thoroughly.

Witnesses said that they caused much damage in the houses and personal properties of the Palestinians.

As a response on the Israeli provocative actions, Palestinian activists launched a week of action against the Israeli occupation.

The said that they are going to carry out several peaceful activities to communicate the continuous Israeli aggression against Palestinians to the whole world.


Multimedia students do tremendous effort

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My students in the University College exerted on Thursday much efforts delivering the first homework for this semester, PPT presentations.

For male students, each two were partners in one presentation because of the large number. However, each of the female students offered her own presentation.

In fact, male students did better than female, but female got better marks than male students; (hahaha, paradox)

Enjoy watching the photos of the slideshow!!!

One year on leaving London

Motasem A Dalloul

Gaza, October 24, 2013

I can only start this entry saying that I am seriously thinking of going back to that metropolitan and cosmopolitan city. However, I had many things that I disliked, but I have to confess that there are also many things that still in my mind attracting me to go there again. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of PHD in London.

However, I lived faaaar away from my home, parents, wife and kids all the time between October 2011 and October 2012, but I can say that period of time was one of the most interesting and fruitful stages along my 33 year life.

Spending time, long days and nights, at the University, meeting friends, completing a thesis, and getting an MA certificate were all tremendous experiences and great achievements.

One of the most important stages in that only one year was involving in the Muslim Community and being treated as a minister of religion. I delivered Friday speeches and led many prayers in Ramadhan and other months. I took the responsibility to accomplish marriage affairs, etc…

Another great thing that one of the most loved university instructors was the black, but bright and poor with hair but rich with knowledge David. He expected me a brilliant future in the field of journalism. Yes, thanks to Allah, his hope was fulfilled. I became a correspondent, trainer and university instructor at the same time.

I hope that I one day go back to London for PHD and spend as good time as that during my MA.