Death toll hit 9 in Gaza

A child wounded in an Israeli air strike against Gaza

A child wounded in an Israeli air strike against Gaza

Gaza, November 14

The number of fatalities in the Gaza Strip killed by the Israeli strikes against civilians reached nine and the number of wounded hit 50.

Scenes of mutilated children entering to Al-Shefa hospital are horrifying and the continuous bombardment against civilian houses made it difficult to children to go to their beds.

Following up an Israel attack against a civilian house in Tel-al-Islam neighbourhood, I saw how little kids and elderly were evacuated by paramedics while they were bleeding. I could hardly block my tears.

Another attack against an apartment near to my house, three from the same family were killed. A BBC journalist, his brothers wife and his 13 year old nephew. It was a horrific scene to see them evacuated while torn into pieces!

Israeli cabinet said: “Israel is continuous in the attack against Gaza until Gaza residents say enough.”

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