Is cheese a blacklisted product??! Let me know, please!

This is the proof of the crime? White cheese!

This is the proof of the crime? White cheese!

June 4, 2012, London
I don’t think that what is called the Israeli Army has the ethics of humanity at all. How? It’s clear through the target which its warplanes always drop tons of explosives that carry death and destruction for people, animals, buildings, infrastructure, nature and every sign of life.

I don’t know what’s the terrorist role does a cheese facto have? They bombarded it the first time, the second time and the third time and we don’t know what’s the reason behind that.

After the third time, a Maltese journalist asked me about the reason which makes the Israelis do that, and I answered: you can ask them because they themselves who carry out the dirty mission. He told me that they say that this is a weapon factory, not a cheese factory!!!
I told him then, that you have your own camera and you are a journalist! I beg you to take footages of what you see here and show it exactly to the world and tell them what exactly you have seen, too.

There, in the scene, was more than 5 tons of white cheese spread everywhere among the rubbles of the factory.

When that Maltese journalist told me what the Israelis think of our factory, we thought well with that. We expected that collaborators transmit false information because the doors of the factory are always closed and they expect that we mislead them.

Therefore, we rebuilt the factory and a different place and we had glass doors that everything still clear through them and at night we keep the lights on in order to be clear that there is nothing wrong done. So that, I don’t know now what’s the reason behind targeting it.

There is still only one reason. That Maltese journalist wrote a story about the factory after what he has seen with the title: “Don’t say cheese in Gaza.” Really, I am admired with the title and asked myself: may cheese is something sensitive the Israelis?

From that time until today, I am still waiting for someone to tell me the fact about that. Whether cheese is a blacklisted staff or not? If so, I hope that someone asks the Israelis to send a notice to my house saying that, and I promise, we will not, even think, of rebuilding the cheese factory in order not to harm the feelings of the Israeli brothers!!!

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  1. can you please post more pictures?

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