Palestinian Governments, Stop blackmailing us

Meshal and Abba

Meshal and Abba

Motasem A Dalloul, London

Every small or big country on this earth has one government, but some tiny countries have more than one. Palestine has two separate governments on two separate spaces of lands.

OK, I will agree on that and keep silent, but to have both of these governments help my fellow citizens and me. I am not looking at how these governments deal with the Israeli occupation. I am looking at how I am living and how any of these governments offer its services for me and for other citizens, for our children.

When a citizen votes for a certain government, he votes for the one, which he sees, it will achieve the best degree of welfare for him and will improve his life. He does not vote for a government that makes his life difficult and blackmail him and his livelihood and makes him unsafe at his home.

Palestinians lived under the sovereignty of the secularists for 13 years and in 2006 voted for the Islamists in order to see new faces that may get red of the enduring corruption and improve their economic situation. They were tempted by the moderate ideology of the Islamists.

However, the Islamists thought that they won the election that time because of their ideology not because of the desire of the Palestinians to change. Therefore, they went on imposing their policies on the ground. They tried to impose the scarf for women, to prevent naked dummies in clothes shops, invigilate beaches and so on.

Unfortunately, they gave little attention to the livelihood and the main interests of the citizens who have chosen them. They, presumably, have forgotten that citizens who have given them the opportunity to rule not their power or their authority.

During the rule of the Islamists, Palestinians experienced a strict Israelis siege, an unprecedented division between the two already separated parts of the Palestinian territories and an Israeli war that claimed the lives of more than 1,500 and wounded thousands.

During their rule, Gaza residents suffered a strict siege. They do not have enough food, enough electricity or clean water. They cannot travel freely. If I want to write more and more about how the Palestinians are suffering after the Islamists ruled them, I am able to write a book.

The question is: whether you, Islamists and even the secularists, solve our problems and afford us a kind of decent life or you have to quit as soon as possible and give us a chance to choose a new government.


4 responses to “Palestinian Governments, Stop blackmailing us

  1. Why this brother Motasem? You still have problems with hte security that all know about them! Keep your tone down, please! And I suggest not to write about the issue of internal clashes!!!!!!!!!

    • I really was afraid sister Marwa, but when I wrote it, I had a kind of bad feeling towards the internal Palestinian situation which I hope it will be resolved soon. I know it is difficult, but may be!!!

  2. Good but not appropriate…..

    • This is what I could do!! Do not worry! I know you like the Gaza Government!! But me, I like both, therefore, I hope that both become good and end this problematic division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am bored!

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