Bring us lights with you, daddy!

My son and daughter writing their homework at the light of the candle!!!

My son and daughter writing their homework at the light of the candle!!!

Motasem A Dalloul

London, February 19, 2012

At last, I could conduct a video call with my wife and children in Gaza after a halt lasted more than ten days.

All means of contact, except, sometimes, mobiles are off because of the loss of electricity resulted of the shortage of fuel that is resulted of the strict siege on the Gaza Strip, where I come from.

The first word my little daughter told me was: “Bring us lights with you, daddy!”

Of course, she misses the lights at home and writes her homework using candles which her mam faces many difficulties to afford them.

My little daughter misses watching TV and playing games at her PC. She weeps for her mam everyday because she is obliged to wear her school uniform not ironed. She weeps and weeps because she cannot even dream, but see nightmares while she is asleep.

Her mam told me that she and her brothers and sisters gather around a small stool, in the hall, writing their homework at the light of a candle which she suffers too much to afford it.

She complained to me that they always keep crying as they cannot play games or watch TV after doing their homework. They have to sleep early, but they are obliged to wake up at midnight because of the long time of sleep.

When they asked their mam that they wanted to call me, she told them that they need electricity for the PC and the internet router. So that, they brought their savings and bought an electrical extension to have their PC and router run on electricity of their neighbour’s generator.

So that, at the end they could call me. But after some minutes, they were obliged to end the call because their neighbours told them that they wanted to stop the generator because the fuel was going to finish and they did not have more.

And now, I do not know when the next chance to speak with them is going to be! May be after the world wake up and put an end to the Israeli aggression! I do not know!!!!!!!!!!!

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