Reconciliation effort faces test

PA security members detain a pro Hamas citizen, the West Bank

PA security members detain a pro Hamas citizen, the West Bank

London, November 20, 2011

Prominent Palestinian figures casted doubts regarding the intended Palestinian Reconciliation brokered by Egypt.

Dr Abdul Sattar Kasim, professor of political sciences at Al Najah University in the West Bank, said, “I am afraid that Hamas and Fatah may repeat the scenario of the previous reconciliation that they did not treat the main cause of the rift.”

Mr Kasim stated the main cause as “the PA treaties with the Israelis, a top of them, the treaty of the security collaboration.”

He insisted that “none of the rift issues could be resolved unless the PA has taken courageous steps towards revising some of those treaties and cancelling others.”

Mr Kasim confirmed that such steps, “for sure, will cost the PA high,” and called on the PA to start finding new sources for aids to replace the US and EU “when they impose their sanctions.”

Meanwhile, the second deputy of the head of the Palestinian Legislative CouncilMr Hassan Khresheh, hinted that there are some “rebellions” in the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank who will not accept reconciliation “if it is realised.”

Mr Khoreesha meant the twists of the political imprisonment issue in the West Bank. He told Quds Press News Agency about the case of Huda Maraba who was released according to directions from PA president Mahmoud Abbas, while security forces continued following her up.

Mr Khoreesha confirmed on the necessity that “positive gestures should precede the reconciliation meeting in order to pave the way for positive discussion of complex issues.”

Human Rights Organizations say that PA security forces dominated by Fatah in the West Bank hold hundreds of pro Hamas citizens in prisons. Some of citizens loyal to Fatah in Gaza are also held by Hamas dominated security forces in the Gaza Strip.

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