Palestinian students, the untold story

Palestinian students having their lessons at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank

Palestinian students having their lessons at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank

London, December 12, 2012

Palestinian students have to ask human rights’ organisations two main questions regarding the situation of education in Palestine.

The first one: is it really the right of education guaranteed by the human rights conventions? The answer of this question is known for them. Of course, yes. But the value of this question appears when they ask the second one: why do not the human rights’ organisations help them enjoy this right?!

Palestinian students suffer endless number of problems start with unsuitable houses, inappropriate schools and occupation strict measures against them and their facilities.

Palestinian students have 50 to 60 student classes in two shifts’ schools. School books are used from two to three times. They walk three or four kilometres to schools on foot. They sometimes go to schools without food.

In the Gaza Strip, their schools are targets to the fire-fighters and artillery tanks. They also, sometimes, are targets of snipers.

In the West Bank, their schools are, sometimes, closed by the Israelis because of security measures. They stay long times waiting for checkpoints to open. Sometimes, they cross and, sometimes, school-time passes before crossing a checkpoint.

Israeli forces break into universities and kill students inside. University professors are always transferred between universities and prisons. Fees are high because of the self-fund of the universities.

Human rights’ organisations have great efforts that they always condemn and denounce those deeds and this is what they can do!

But, when a Palestinian homemade useless rocket hits an empty occupied area, you find that human rights’ organisations turn the world upside down.

However, the rate of high certificate holders in Palestine is one of the high rates worldwide. In the 2006 Parliament members, the number of the PHD holders surprised the whole world. More than 66% of the PLC members had this degree. It is not found in any parliament all over the world.

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