Israelis to prevent Gaza aid ships

London, November 3, 2011
Israeli navy forces are prepared to prevent the arrival of the two aid ships heading to the Gaza Strip, military sources said.

The Israeli military spokesman’s office said the country’s navy was “prepared to contact” the vessels and had “completed the necessary preparations in order to prevent them from reaching the Strip.

A Canadian and Irish boats left the port of Fethiye in southwest Turkey on Wednesday after Turkish authorities gave them permission to sail to the Greek island of Rhodes .

The boats which are expected to reach Gaza Friday evening carry on board 27 pro-Palestine foreign activists and an Israeli citizen from Hiafa.

“Such boats has spiritual meaning more than material,” a Palestinian activist said. “They don’t carry too much food or medicine, but their aim is to incorporeally break the illegal siege.”

Previously, Israeli navy have forcefully prevented several boats from reaching Gaza. The prominent accident when they killed 9 aboard two Turkish vessels last year.

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