Israelis destroy what they say “illegal villages” in Naqab

A frantic campaign of destroying homes of Palestinian villagers residing the Naqab enclave south of occupied Palestine, representative of Naqab residents said.

Several villages have been exposed to demolition under the pretext of “illegal building in unrecognized villages.”

“It is a very miserable situation that people are living in the open air,” Ibrahim al Waqeeli, the head of the regional council of the unrecognized villages, said. “What makes the situation more miserable is the weather which is too cold in the desert.”

Some people whom their houses were razed are living now in tents and too many lives in the open air as they haven’t obtained tents or and other help yet.

“Where should we go? Our homes were demolished and we are being dismissed from our land while no one consider this,” a villager said. “Meanwhile, criminal settlers are building unlawful houses on our lands and all say that this is their right and they show high degree of sympathy with them,” he added.

Al waqeeli called for the Arabs, Muslims and the whole civilized world which are abiding to the conventions of human rights and international law “to look at their case and find a solution to their crisis very soon.”

Israeli Authorities has been carrying out demolition campaigns against the houses of the Palestinian villagers in Naqab since 1967.

There are some intervals in the from time to time, but they don’t intend to stop as the say they want to end the construction of “illegal homes and reorganize these villages.”GetAttachment.aspx

2 responses to “Israelis destroy what they say “illegal villages” in Naqab

  1. It’s a shame that the only time you hear the truth about Palestine, when it is referred to as occupied Palestine, are in blogs and on Al Jazeera. It’s amazing to me that most of Western society pretends as if this is not oppression. It’s good to read blogs like this that clearly demonstrate the attrocities that are taking place in Palestine.

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