Inborn deformation in Gaza babies

The ministry of health in Gaza has revealed that a number of deformed babies were delivered recently in Gaza hospitals.

“These deliveries are a result of the use of the prohibited weapons during the recent war against the Gaza Strip,” Mr Mo’aweya Hasaneen, the principal of emergency missions in the ministry of health, said.

Israeli war against the Strip ended 8 months ago. New after war embryos were delivered and more are expected next month when 9 months, time of normal pregenancy, complete.

“Experimental tests were carried out on these new born babies that proved the reason of being deformed is the effect of phosphorous and dime weapons,” Hassaneen said.

Hasaneen expected that many other health and hereditary disasters may appear in the future as a result of the excessive use of lethal and unlawful weapon against civilians in Gaza during the war.

Many national and international human rights organizations carried out several investigations and proved criminality of the Israelis. As a counter step, Israel took several actions to prevent the representation of its soldiers before any national or international Criminal Court.Images2009_News_2009_September_26_untitled_1_1_1_300_0

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