Live blogging in the class

Live blogging

Live blogging

I am currently doing live blogging in front of my students at class.

After several weeks of giving them instructions about blogging, I found that they know nothing about it.

Therefore, I found myself obliged to do blogging online in front of them.

Now, I feel that they got benefited of this practical lesson.

Israeli forces and settlers continue their aggression on Palestinians


Occupied West Bank, Palestine

A group of extremist Israeli settlers attacked on Saturday morning a Palestinian citizens and his wife in the occupied West Bank city of Hebrown.

Witnesses said that both suffered moderate wounds and they were rushed to hospital for medical treatment in the city.

According to the witnesses, such attacks on Palestinians by settlers are repeated almost everyday in the city.

Netanyahu called upon Israeli settlers to occupy more Palestinian lands

Netanyahu called upon Israeli settlers to occupy more Palestinian lands

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged settlers last week to occupy a Palestinian home in the city. “These acts prove our historical rights in the land,” he told them.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces stormed Yabad neighbourhood in the south of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. They broke into Palestinian houses and inspected them thoroughly.

Witnesses said that they caused much damage in the houses and personal properties of the Palestinians.

As a response on the Israeli provocative actions, Palestinian activists launched a week of action against the Israeli occupation.

The said that they are going to carry out several peaceful activities to communicate the continuous Israeli aggression against Palestinians to the whole world.


Multimedia students do tremendous effort

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My students in the University College exerted on Thursday much efforts delivering the first homework for this semester, PPT presentations.

For male students, each two were partners in one presentation because of the large number. However, each of the female students offered her own presentation.

In fact, male students did better than female, but female got better marks than male students; (hahaha, paradox)

Enjoy watching the photos of the slideshow!!!

One year on leaving London

Motasem A Dalloul

Gaza, October 24, 2013

I can only start this entry saying that I am seriously thinking of going back to that metropolitan and cosmopolitan city. However, I had many things that I disliked, but I have to confess that there are also many things that still in my mind attracting me to go there again. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of PHD in London.

However, I lived faaaar away from my home, parents, wife and kids all the time between October 2011 and October 2012, but I can say that period of time was one of the most interesting and fruitful stages along my 33 year life.

Spending time, long days and nights, at the University, meeting friends, completing a thesis, and getting an MA certificate were all tremendous experiences and great achievements.

One of the most important stages in that only one year was involving in the Muslim Community and being treated as a minister of religion. I delivered Friday speeches and led many prayers in Ramadhan and other months. I took the responsibility to accomplish marriage affairs, etc…

Another great thing that one of the most loved university instructors was the black, but bright and poor with hair but rich with knowledge David. He expected me a brilliant future in the field of journalism. Yes, thanks to Allah, his hope was fulfilled. I became a correspondent, trainer and university instructor at the same time.

I hope that I one day go back to London for PHD and spend as good time as that during my MA.

Gaza Kids slain in Gaza by Israelis

English: Damaged housing, Gaza Strip, April 2009

English: Damaged housing, Gaza Strip, April 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Gaza Strip, November 15, 2012

Israeli occupation forces slaughtered Palestinian kids in the Gaza Strip!

Gaza is under heavy Israeli attacks since yesterday!!

Israelis officials said that they are going to extend the military offensive against the Gaza Strip.

These are some photos for massacred kids in the Gaza Strip!!

Eleven months baby girl killed by Israelis

An 11 months baby girls killed by an Israeli air strike against her house in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli occupation say that it attacks only military targets and rocket squads, but this is what it has just done.

After this attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We will continue our operation against Gaza until Gaza residents say (enough).”

They kill kids and insist to continue killing more and more.

Where does the international community and human rights organisations stand regarding these massive aggression against human rights?

Where are the callers for bringing war criminals to justice? Is this a war crime or not?!!

Death toll hit 9 in Gaza

A child wounded in an Israeli air strike against Gaza

A child wounded in an Israeli air strike against Gaza

Gaza, November 14

The number of fatalities in the Gaza Strip killed by the Israeli strikes against civilians reached nine and the number of wounded hit 50.

Scenes of mutilated children entering to Al-Shefa hospital are horrifying and the continuous bombardment against civilian houses made it difficult to children to go to their beds.

Following up an Israel attack against a civilian house in Tel-al-Islam neighbourhood, I saw how little kids and elderly were evacuated by paramedics while they were bleeding. I could hardly block my tears.

Another attack against an apartment near to my house, three from the same family were killed. A BBC journalist, his brothers wife and his 13 year old nephew. It was a horrific scene to see them evacuated while torn into pieces!

Israeli cabinet said: “Israel is continuous in the attack against Gaza until Gaza residents say enough.”

An urgent word in the occasion of the death of Chris Stevens

Thousands of Muslims burst to streets to protest against the film which insults to the Prophet

Thousands of Muslims burst to streets to protest against the film which insults to the Prophet

Motasem A Dalloul, September 12, 2012

A huge bout of demonstrations erupted in most of the Arab and Muslim countries after the broadcast of an Israeli-American film which insults the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon Him.

The Israeli-American film which offends the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon Him, is not the first blasphemous action carried out by anti-Islam individuals or communities. I am sure; it would not be the last, too. Islam is a religion that is spread among nations in a strange manner despite all campaigns aimed to discredit it. This ignites the spirit of jealousy, which turns to hostility, in the hearts of Islam’s enemies.

In fact, I personally, regret the violence erupted after broadcasting the film on YouTube, and regret the unjustified attacks against innocent, be they Americans or from any other nation. But I do not exempt the West and the US the responsibility for this kind of violence for several reasons.

The first reason is that the laws which these countries have that criminalise offenses against general people and general races, while they do not criminalise offenses against religions and God’s Prophets. If some people will tolerate offenses against their religion, some others will not. And the most will not. It is the nature of the human even if his religion was fake.

The other reason is that such or similar incident which means an offense to about ¼ of the earth inhabitants, less or more, needs to be, at least, directly condemned by officials of the country where the incident took place. This could, and did palliate the anger of Muslims when it happened before. But the problem is that when US soldiers in Afghanistan burnt one time papers of the Mus-haf and another time tore them into piece, the US administration vowed to bring those who did the action into justice. That did not happen. Therefore, Muslims youth zealots took the action by themselves.

Again, I say that I agree on peaceful demonstrations, but I disagree on killing innocents. This is opposed by our religion as the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon Him was reported saying in a sahih Hadith* that the Muslim who kills any person who has a contract with Muslims, he will not smell the fragrance of the Jannah. It means that he is absolutely going to be punished in the Hellfire. This is a capital punishment in the Muslims’ beliefs. I mean that it is not an easy action to kill the non-Muslims who live, temporarily or permanently, in the Muslim countries.

All Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is the God's Prophet and do not allow Him to be offended

All Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is the God’s Prophet and do not allow Him to be offended

Anyway, I hope that this incident will be a lesson for Muslims and non-Muslims who do not respect religions or believe in chaos to achieve justice to try change their beliefs or, at least, review them. It is the time of the mandatory tolerance among all nations as the whole world became as a small village.

I am calling on those who consider them the guardians of human rights and free speech to review the laws which give a room for anyone to criticise religions. It is possible because many of the countries of those have already regulated laws that criminalise the one who denies the holocaust and some criminalise the one criticises it.

So that, there is a room for regulating and enacting laws which criminalise religions and God’s Prophets. If not for respecting religions, it is for the sake of keeping on tolerance among nations as Muslims will not agree any time on any kind of insult for their religion or any of God’s Prophets.

*Sahih Hadith: the speech of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon Him which is the most approved accurate.

To those blame the internal Palestinian division for their failure!

Palestine Bleeding...

By Motasem A Dalloul

A lot of the so-called politicians, writers or thinkers blame the internal Palestinian division for their failure in solving or to take part in solving, or at least suggesting something useful for the Palestinian cause. They claim that this division has delayed the Palestinian efforts in regaining their rights or wasted the return of these rights or stopped the wheel of resistance.

I am asking those who raise this claim: what is your effort or what other efforts have you done to regain the Palestinian’s rights? For the Arabs and Muslims: what have you done to resolve Palestine’s cause? For Palestinians: what have they have done to regain the Palestinians’ rights?

All what the Arabs and Muslims have done is concessions to the occupation, normalisation with it and you gave it more time carry out its occupation and settlement plans to strengthen itself in the land of Palestine.

All what Palestinians have done is signing peace accords which recognised the right of the occupiers to live on the land of Palestine and agreed on a two-state solution with the division of the third holiest city for Muslims: Jerusalem.

They also signed economic agreements in Paris that made Palestinians servants under the foot of the Israelis and beggars at their door if they wanted to claim their tax revenues or export any of their products or import anything from abroad.

What shameful achievements that Palestinian negotiators and leaders of the oldest Palestinian national movement (Fatah) have achieved? They always regret their loss and blame the internal division, which they waged by the help of the International community and the occupation.

What shameful achievements by the Arab leaders and the Arab League has Palestine seen? The Arab Peace Initiative which was born dead and the Arabs are begging the occupation to accept it.

And the writers and thinkers who got rich for their articles and books about the Palestinian cause, who of you dare to reveal clearly what is the reason behind the internal division? Where is you patriotism?!

So that, I am calling on all of you, who are weeping on the remains of those decaying achievements which have not been accepted by all real Palestinians, please and please and please, do not blame the internal division for your failure.

I am telling junior and senior politicians, who are trying to market themselves by changing the facts, claiming that they are taking an objective stance please, stop this and do whatever deserved to be done for the sake of the Palestinian cause, not for the sake of your own.

And I am also telling the writers who are trying to market themselves by saying that they are taking objective stances in order to find a good market for their opinions or articles, please, stop blackmailing Palestine and Palestinians’ suffering for personal interests. Please, enough and enough!

Western-Style and US democracy!!

British soldiers with Lewis Machine guns posted at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Palestine circa 1920

British soldiers with Lewis Machine guns posted at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Palestine circa 1920

Motasem A Dalloul

London, August 4, 2012

Some Western countries, on top of them, the US are always asking why Arabs and Muslims hate them? I suggest that they know the answer, but ignore the real facts!

No one except stupid and crazy people who do not know that the Western-style democracy brokered by the US and its allies which is being spread in the Middles East and the Islamic countries have brought destruction, death and collaborator governments.

In Iraq, more than one million killed and millions of orphans so far; besides, wide-scale destruction and instability. Thousands of Afghanis were killed since 2001, daily drone killings in Pakistan. The most important issue for Arabs and Muslims is Palestine which is a part of Muslims’ faith.

The so-called Israel is completely supported by the West and the US while it continues attacking Palestinians, stealing their lands for settlements, Judaizing and defiling their holy places, killing their kids, destroying their homes, detain their sons and no one from the West or the US dare to criticize it. But when the Palestinians kidnapped a soldier from his tank, the West and the US became the most defenders on him and they blacklisted Palestinians continued describing them as terrorists.

When the Palestinians elected their Parliament in 2006 in the most transparent elections in the world, as described by many international monitors including for US president Jimmy Carter, the West and the US refused to recognize it and supported a punitive Israeli siege against Palestinians in the Palestinian territories.

The West and US worked for dividing the Sudan, biggest Arab country, and they are still supporting the defectors to launch attacks against the mother country.

With pre-meditation, genocides are being committed against Muslims as thousands have been killed and tens of hundreds of thousands have been pushed out from their homeland, but no one from the West or the US take any tangible measure. Even media blackout is being imposed.

May be because these countries, especially, the US are busy in their economic problems and dealing with the outcomes of their deficits.

OK, supposedly, these claims are right, who from the Muslims or Arabs has asked the West and the US to bring their devastating democracy to their countries? Who asked Mrs Clinton to go to Egypt and give a speech about human rights and religious conflicts which erected a real conflict of that kind? Who asked them to go to Iraq and get rid of the WOMD which have not been found yet? Who and who and who???!!!

Who knows answers for these questions, please post them here!!!

Sometimes the Bollywood reflects the fact!